Range finder technology

Two different technologies are used, GPS (global positioning system) or Laser Positioning

Each has it benefits and selection is often a matter of choice by the user.


  • wearable style ie watch
  • line of site not necessary as satellite positioning is utilised. However the device or user must be outside and not in any building or under cover.
  • object detection is the green (front, middle or back).
  • accuracy is dependant on the satellite.
  • easy use.
  • power supply is by rechargeable internal battery.

Laser Positioning

  • handheld style.
  • line of sight to the target is essential.
  • object detection is generally the pin or flag, but equally can be a hazard or tree of anything else that is visible to the user.
  • units or measurement either metres or yards, device selected.
  • accuracy is dependant on the laser but is generally +/- 1 metre or yard.
  • ease of used requires a steady grip.
  • power supply is via a replaceable battery