H300 Smart Hand Held Golf Watch


  • Clip to Buggy, Bag or Belt
  • GPS
  • No Subscription
  • Free Course Update
  • 40,000 Global Courses Preloaded
  • 1 Year Warranty



It does’t take an expert to know that each golf course is unique.

The layout of the green, and it’s distance to front, centre and back.

All golfers know how important this knowledge is.

It doesn’t take a caddy, or anybody else to keep track of your score or to recognise which hole you are playing on.

No, it doesn’t take much at all !

All it takes is the SMART choice!

What makes CANMORE the SMART choice

The H300 Smart Hand Held Golf Watch offers:

Golf Range Finder 

Plus preloaded courses.

Distance to Green (F/C and B) and hazards.

Shot distance calculator,



128×128m High resolution.

Up to 60 days in Time Mode,

14 Hour in GPS Mode.


SMART clip for belt, bag or buggy.

40,000 WORLDWIDE COURSES  preloaded.


FREE UPDATES available from Golftek or Canmore website


SIMPLE function

SMALL AND COMPACT  easy  to hold and use with one hand

ROBUST MAGNETIC CLIP     mounts to trolley, cart or bag

HIGH CONTRAST Black and white screen even in bright sunlight



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