Occasionally the device may not operate exactly as expected,

Please refer to the list below for assistance in restoring the device to perfect working order.


Should these not resolve the issue please contact us at


How to increase battery life.

Battery life

What to do when device malfunctions.


How to reset the watch.


How are steps counted.

Step count

What is the waterproof rating of Canmore devices.

Waterproof rating

How to improve the accuracy of optical heart rate sensor.

Heart Rate Sensor

How to use Backtrack function.


How to update device Firmware.

Visit SUPPORT  page for all current updates that are available.

An update file is provided in addition to full instructions and Youtube video to simplify installation.. 

How to update Golf Course

Golf Course Update

How to check if a certain course is available.

Course Availability

What to do if course data is wrong, or if one is not listed.

Listed Courses

Why can't GPS be located.

GPS locator

Why can't the watch be charged.


How to the clean battery contacts.

Battery Contacts

How to set personal information.

Personal information

How to set the time on the device.

Time Setting

What is Daylight Saving.

Daylight Saving

Why is the watch time wrong.

Watch Time

How to enable Auto-Hole.

Auto Hole

How to pair my watch with smart phone

Pair with Smart Phone

How to fix connection with watch and phone APP.

Connection with APP

Can I enter sport's mode without or before GPS fix.


How to switch 12/24 hour display.

12/24 hour display

What Languages are available on my device.


How to change Language.


What do the hazard symbols mean.