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About Golftek


Golftek have formed a close partnership with CANMORE, a Taiwan based tech company established in 2008,

aiming to deliver innovative GPS and Sports watches and devices for sports enthusiasts.


Our collective mission is to create and provide practical, performance-enhancing multi-functional watches and gadgets

for lovers of outdoor activities, helping to build a healthy and well being lifestyle.


Our products are guaranteed to be durable, waterproof, intuitive, smart and safe, offering an  advanced way of optimising athletic performance.


With CANMORE, aided by Golftek, you are inspired to do more.




It does’t take an expert to know that each golf course is unique.

The layout of the green, and it’s distance to front, centre and back.

All golfers know how important this knowledge is.


It also, doesn’t take a professional trainer to keep measure of your heart rate.

Along with the number of steps that you have made,


It doesn’t take a caddy, or anybody else to keep track of your score or to recognise which hole you are playing on.


No, it doesn’t take much at all !    All it takes is a SMART guy !


CANMORE the SMART choice